EQUS Supplies New Jerseys to the Rich Valley Vikings

EQUS Supplies New Jerseys to the Rich Valley Vikings

The kids of the Rich Valley Vikings Hockey Club were just happy to finally be back on the ice after a COVID hockey hiatus, but there was an extra special surprise waiting for them when they showed up at the Rich Valley Arena earlier this month. 

Like other Alberta hockey clubs, the Vikings saw their last hockey season cut off by COVID. With a new season about to begin, the kids came back to find that their old jerseys, which the club had used for over 25 years, had been replaced using funds from an EQUS sponsorship. The club’s existing game jerseys were in rough shape after many years of use, with some parents in the club now putting the same jerseys on their kids that they themselves once wore as kids.

Ashley Steinkey, President of the hockey club, says the surprise was extra special after the past season:

"Our goal is to get these kids playing again and looking like a team. They all show such amazing sportsmanship and don't let what they wear affect them, but the new jerseys will be a great confidence booster now that they can finally get back on the ice together."

Watch the surprise jersey reveal:

The club sees around 50 kids play each season, most of whom live in rural Lac Ste. Anne County communities, and provides valuable opportunities for skill and leadership development, physical activity, and creates a crucial community connection for both players and their families.

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