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Quality, affordability, and speed with EQUS.

Discover the difference with EQUS, where advanced smart meter technology ensures not just power supply,  but power quality, setting a new standard! Our commitment to innovation means our distribution system is constantly monitored and optimized, providing you with reliable, efficient energy that supports your daily needs and future ambitions. With EQUS, you’re choosing a future where electricity isn’t just supplied; it’s engineered for excellence.

EQUS Benefits Story 01 SmartMeters
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Smart Meters

Powering smarter energy management.

Explore the efficiency of EQUS’ Automated Metering Infrastructure (AMI). Our advanced smart meters enhance energy use optimization, offering you the benefits of real-time data for more effective energy management and reliability, putting you firmly in control of your consumption.

EQUS Benefits Story 02 CompetitivePricing
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Competitive Pricing

Tailored for you.

Experience EQUS’ commitment to fairness with transparent, competitive pricing. Our members can use their smart meters to manage consumption and costs. Dive into our tailored rate options and see how our energy solutions can lead to noticeable savings on your energy expenses, aligning with your unique lifestyle and budget needs.

EQUS Benefits Story 03 FasterConnections
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Faster connections

Waiting isn't always an option.

With EQUS, say goodbye to lengthy connection times. Our dedicated team works quickly to meet your energy needs, ensuring you experience minimal downtime. Faster connections (up to 6x faster) translate to more time for life’s important moments, supported by responsive member care.

EQUS Benefits Story 04 Microgeneration
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Power your home, reinforce the grid.

Embrace the future with EQUS by turning your property into a source of sustainable energy. Our supportive approach to microgeneration allows seamless integration of your renewable energy sources into the grid, maximizing your environmental and financial benefits.

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