Operation Round Up

Operation Round Up

Small change, big impact.

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Core Mission

Choose community, choose EQUS.

Operation Round Up reflects EQUS’ dedication to the communities we serve, funding vital initiatives that benefit children, youth, and seniors. This commitment is ongoing and we’re continuously seeking impactful projects to support.

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Member Support

Helping members in hard times.

Our “Members Helping Members” initiative uses funds from Operation Round Up to help eligible members facing hardships, ensuring community strength and resilience.

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Community Support

Supporting the communities we live in.

EQUS proudly began our  Operation Round Up program in 2016, becoming a pioneer among Canadian co-operatives in harnessing this program to channel member contributions directly into local charities and support initiatives, reflecting our deep commitment to rural community resilience and development.

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Community Change

Transforming lives with small change.

With 97% of EQUS members participating, we’ve distributed over $400,000 since 2016, aiding various rural community projects and member needs. Every cent contributed drives support for our communities.

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Get InvolveD

Together, we make our communities stronger.

Members are automatically enrolled, with the option to opt-out at any time. Contributions are rounded up on participating members’ bills, averaging about $6 annually per member, fostering a significant collective impact.

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funding Support

Let's bring your project to life!

Organizations within the EQUS Service Area can apply for up to $5,000 annually for projects benefiting our rural communities. Applications are reviewed quarterly by the Operation Round Up Committee.

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Leadership Role

Shape our community's future.

The committee, consisting of EQUS members and a representative from the Board of Directors, ensures fair and impactful distribution of funds. Interested members can apply to join, contributing to our legacy of community support.

In 2023, EQUS members donated $43,660 to 12 deserving initiatives.

Grant Opportunities

Support for your community project.

Embrace Renewable Energy

Start your microgeneration journey today.

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