Apply for Funding

The goal of Operation Round Up is to accumulate and disburse funds for one-time or limited time initiatives benefiting children, youth, and seniors within EQUS’ Service Area.

Information requested in the following application is to help the Operation Round Up Committee clearly understand the need and benefit of potential funding. It is also to help the Committee understand the applicant’s financial situation and challenges in receiving other funding.

The role of the Committee is to make the best use of the funds entrusted to Operation Round Up by EQUS members and to support projects and programs that best meet the guidelines and goals of Operation Round Up.

Application Guidelines:

All information requested is mandatory for an application to be considered for funding.

  • Applications must be received prior to the published deadline of the current funding cycle.
  • A single contact person must be identified in the event there are questions or clarification of information is required.
  • In order to ensure the Committee fully understands the project goals and deliverables please include as much detail as possible. If additional supporting information needs to be submitted, please email it to roundup@equs.ca, referencing your original application.
  • For questions regarding the application or process, please email roundup@equs.ca or call 310-EQUS (3787).

Operation Round-Up Application

To be used for the cheque if the application is successful
Please include title if applicable
Up to $5,000
Include resources required, timeline, activities to be undertaken, etc.
Upload an attachment below for support if that is easier.
If needed.
Projects should be completed within one year from the allocation of funds, but the Committee will consider special circumstances with appropriate documentation.
Note: a nominal portion of the approved funding may be withheld until the completed final project report is received.

File Upload

Use the following to upload any additional information that may help describe your project.

Confidentiality & Authorization

The Applicant and the Operation Round Up Committee acknowledge that the information contained in this application is for the purpose of obtaining funds from the program and will be kept confidential. The undersigned, representing the applicant, recognizes the information provided herein will be used to determine applicable funding, if any. The undersigned further represents and warrants that the information provided is true and complete and authorizes the Operation Round Up Committee and/or EQUS to make any inquiries deemed necessary to confirm the accuracy of the information. I, the undersigned, understand and confirm that if the application is approved, that all funds will be used for the sole purpose as stated in the application. Furthermore, if successful, I agree to complete and return a final progress report on the project/initiative within one year of receipt of the funding. I further acknowledge that the receipt of funding authorizes the Committee to use and/or publish general information regarding the project in its communication to the EQUS membership and understand that the funding allocations are reported annually to the Board of Directors and the members. (Note: in the event disclosure of general information cannot be authorized, the applicant must communicate that immediately.)

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