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Introduction to Microgeneration

Harnessing your own energy.

Microgeneration at EQUS aligns with Alberta’s regulations, allowing you to create electricity using sustainable sources like solar panels. This approach not only caters to personal energy needs but also ensures you can receive credit for excess power contributed back to the grid.

Incentives for Solar Microgeneration

Unlock the full potential of solar energy.

EQUS Members may be eligible for up to $1,500 per kW installed, with a maximum of $15,000 total financing available. Partner with Rewatt Power to access the Alberta Solar Offset Credits program and enhance the return on your investment. In addition, several government programs are accepting funding applications.

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Solar Preferred Supplier Program

Connecting you with trusted solar suppliers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your microgeneration questions answered.

Have questions? We have answers. From technical inquiries to understanding your benefits as an EQUS member, the following questions address common concerns about microgeneration. Still, have questions? Contact us directly for personalized support and advice.

What exactly is microgeneration?

Microgeneration refers to generating your own electricity using renewable and alternative energy sources like solar panels, wind turbines, or biomass. These systems are generally intended to cover the energy needs of a single residence, farm, or business.

How do I start my microgeneration project with EQUS?

Begin by completing the EQUS microgeneration application. This is the first step for EQUS member-owners interested in setting up a microgeneration system.

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What if my generator isn't classified as renewable?

Generators not recognized as renewable will be classified as Distributed Generation (DG) and should apply accordingly.

Are there any EQUS costs associated with the microgenerator process?

No costs from EQUS if using cumulative metering. For interval metering, installation and monthly fees apply.

Why is EQUS approval necessary for my microgeneration?

Approval ensures your system is compliant with regulations and ensures safe operation while connected to the grid.

Why do I need an electrical permit for microgeneration installation?

To ensure safety and compliance, an inspection is required, and EQUS needs a signed inspection prior to meter installation.

Do I need to change my meter?

No, EQUS’ smart meters are all bi-directional meaning they are already micro-gen enabled and capable of recording power flow in both directions, allowing you to receive credit for surplus power supplied to the grid.

Can I modify my microgeneration system after installation?

Yes, but you must inform EQUS beforehand to ensure continued safety and compliance.

What happens with my microgenerator during a power failure?

It will safely disconnect. To continue powering your home, additional equipment like a transfer switch and battery system are needed.

Are microgeneration customers still responsible for paying grid-related fees?

Yes, as long as your system is grid-connected you'll still cover fees for electricity from the grid and all associated connection fees.

Embrace Renewable Energy

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