About Us

About Us

Delivering more than power.

Empowering Rural Alberta

Our community, our distribution system.

Back in the 1940s, when the big city utilities turned their backs on rural Alberta, deeming it too costly to electrify, our farmers did what they do best: they rolled up their sleeves and took matters into their own hands. They formed co-operatives known as Rural Electrification Associations (REAs), true grassroots movements turning the dream of rural power into reality.

These REAs were more than utilities; they were community efforts, with every member owning a piece of the infrastructure they collectively built. Led by boards elected from among their own, these co-ops kept their eyes on service, not profit, setting the standard for fair electricity rates, all while adapting and evolving over decades to meet the changing needs of rural Alberta.

In 2013, EQUS REA LTD. was born from the spirit of community and collaboration, merging two of the province’s largest REAs: Central Alberta REA and South Alta REA. This wasn’t just a merger; it was a union of communities, bringing together decades of history and hard work to form what is now Canada’s largest member-owned utility. EQUS stands as a testament to what rural Albertans can achieve together, offering unparalleled service to farms, families, and businesses, all while keeping our roots firmly planted in the rural soil. For over 75 years we’ve been working to keep your lights on, your costs down, and our communities strong.

Mission, Vision, and Values at EQUS

Steering rural Alberta to a brighter future.

At EQUS, our purpose and aspirations are crystallized in our mission and vision statements, serving as the north star for our actions and decisions.

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Our Mission

Together, we connect rural Alberta.

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Our Vision

To enrich the lives of our members.

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Our Values

Our foundation is built on four cornerstones guiding our journey:


We own our actions and deliver on our promises, holding ourselves and each other to our commitments. We ask questions, challenge ideas, learn from our mistakes, and celebrate our successes.


We support both internal and external communities through cooperation, engagement, service, and stewardship.


We seek and share our wisdom and expertise to develop both individually and collectively through continuous improvement, learning, and innovation.


We provide an excellent standard of work, service, and interaction through our commitment to safety, integrity, and efficiency.

At EQUS, these values aren’t just words; they are the essence of who we are, shaping a brighter, connected, and empowered rural Alberta.

Our Leadership

Guiding EQUS with vision and integrity.

Discover the leaders propelling EQUS forward: CEO Andy Metzger and our Board of Directors. Their commitment shapes our innovative and community-focused approach. Dive into their stories and the values driving rural Alberta’s energy future.


Driving sustainability with every watt.

At EQUS, sustainability isn’t just a policy; it’s a core part of our identity. Our innovative approaches, from the Near Net-Zero Corporate Office to our Medicine Hat solar initiative, showcase our commitment to a sustainable future. We’re leading the charge in innovative energy solutions, building a stronger electricity grid, and supporting our communities with sustainable practices that set new industry standards.

Service Area

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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know.

How does EQUS support rural communities?

EQUS is deeply rooted in community support and development. We invest in local projects, sponsor community events, and provide educational 
programs to empower rural areas. Our commitment extends beyond providing electricity; we strive to enhance the quality of life in the communities we serve.

What is a Near Net-Zero energy system?

A Near Net-Zero energy system is a sustainable energy solution that aims to significantly reduce grid energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions. At EQUS, we implement this through solar arrays, battery storage, and natural gas combined heat and power systems, emphasizing efficiency and environmental responsibility.

Does EQUS offer any programs for renewable energy or microgeneration?

EQUS is at the forefront of innovative energy initiatives in rural Alberta, supporting microgeneration projects that allow members to generate their own electricity while remaining connected to the grid. We provide incentives, guidance, technical support, and integration services for various renewable and alternative energy sources.

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