Environmental Impact

Environmental Impact

Powering a more sustainable future.

Our Commitment to Rural Alberta

Preserving Alberta's natural beauty.

At EQUS, we’re helping reshape the future of energy by pioneering sustainability and innovative green technologies. Join us on our journey to reduce environmental footprints and foster a sustainable tomorrow.

Leading by Example

Near Net-Zero energy system.

Constructed in 2020, our Corporate Office stands as a testament to sustainable innovation, featuring a comprehensive Near Net-Zero energy system. With a combination of ground-mounted solar arrays, battery storage, and a natural gas Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit, we’re harnessing over 2,000 hours of annual sunlight. This system not only powers our facility but also significantly reduces utility costs, greenhouse gas emissions, and reliance on the grid.

Supporting the Charging Grid

Electric vehicle charging powered by the sun.

Embracing the shift to green transportation, our on-site electric vehicle (EV) charger, powered by renewable energy, offers a fast, efficient, and environmentally friendly charging solution for the community. Connected to the FLO EV Charging network, it’s a step towards a sustainable future, conveniently located for drivers on the Highway 2 corridor.

Solar Integration

Harnessing solar at the Medicine Hat Facility.

Our Medicine Hat Facility embraces solar energy with a rooftop-mounted solar array and battery storage, contributing to our sustainability goals. While the facility remains connected to the grid, this initiative significantly reduces our reliance on traditional power sources, lowers greenhouse gas emissions, and sets the stage for future grid contributions and potential revenue through energy generation.

Embrace Renewable Energy

Start your microgeneration journey today.

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