Celebrating Seven Years of Rounding Up and Building Our Communities Together

Operation Round Up is a program through which EQUS members work together to build a fund for community initiatives that benefit children, youth, and seniors in the communities that EQUS serves. We’re proud to say that over 97% of EQUS members participate in this program, rounding their bills up to the nearest dollar each month.

Operation Round Up began for EQUS members in 2016. For the past seven years, EQUS members have been working together to build sustainable rural communities and support services, programs, and infrastructure in our communities. Over time we see clearly that all those small individual contributions are adding up to big opportunities for children, youth, and seniors in rural Alberta.

From 2016 to 2023:

  • Total amount raised by EQUS members: $512,373
  • Total amount distributed in our communities: $471,025
  • Total organizations supported: 127

Operation Rounds Up funds have supported schools, daycares, and groups that provide services to rural families and children with the purchase of everything from playground equipment to specialized car seats for children with disabilities. Through Operation Round Up, EQUS members have also funded countless community facilities and organizations including recreational and seniors activities and facilities, to community halls, and rural medical clinics. There is always need for community support in our rural communities and Operation Round Up provides a unique opportunity for EQUS members to come together and provide resources to the non-profit organizations serving our members and helping ensure our communities are sustainable.

Eligible applicants and initiatives can apply to the program for up to $5,000 in funding annually. Applications are reviewed quarterly by a committee consisting of three EQUS members, a representative from the Board of Directors, and the EQUS CEO. If you are part of, or know of an initiative that you believe may be eligible for Operation Round Up funding please visit our website to find out more and download an application form.

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Operation Round Up funds purchased equipment for the Claresholm Outdoor Fitness Park
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Brought the Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society’s Wildlife and Nature Education programs into rural schools.

wabamun clinic2

Staff at the Wabamun Medical Clinic with equipment purchased with Operation Round Up funds from EQUS members. 

magnolia community club

The Magnolia Community Club received funding to upgrade the floors in their hall that hosts many community activities and events. 

These are just a few of the many organizations funded by EQUS members, through Operation Round Up, over the past seven years.

See a full list here. 


Celebrating Seven Years of Operation Round Up

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