Celebrating Earth Day: April 22

Celebrating Earth Day: April 22

Rural Albertans have always been innovative problem solvers, and we know this is especially true when it comes to finding the most efficient and sustainable ways to power their homes, farms and businesses. At EQUS we believe in leading by example which is why EQUS currently has three of our five facilities generating clean, green electricity from over 100 KW of solar panels, and we're using natural gas to generate highly efficient heat and electricity for our Corporate Office in Innisfail.

These alternative and renewable energy sources, combined with efficient building design and smart energy management systems, allow us to reduce our grid dependence, greenhouse gas emissions, and utility costs. 

Here's a look at how sustainable energy sources are powering EQUS and our members in rural Alberta:

111 - The number of EQUS members connected to the grid as micro-generators with a combined generating capacity of over 2.5 MWh of efficient and renewable energy

75+ - The Megawatt hours of energy exported to the grid by the micro-generation systems connected at EQUS' offices

4,282 - The number of trees planted equivalent to the total amount of emissions reductions achieved by EQUS' office microgeneration systems.

1,000+ - The number of electric vehicles charged at EQUS' charging stations

Learn how you could become a micro-generator today!

Read more about how EQUS utilizes innovative and renewable energy sources to power our facilities here.

Members are free to purchase electricity services from a retailer of their choice. For a list of retailers, visit http://www.ucahelps.alberta.ca or call 310.4822 (toll free in Alberta).