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EQUS and the Alberta Conservation Association are supporting ferruginous hawks in southern Alberta.

As an Alberta Conservation Association (ACA) ‘Partner in Conservation’ EQUS is proud to support the MULTISAR (multiple species at risk) program in providing nesting sites for Ferruginous Hawks in southern Alberta. These migrating birds are considered to be an at-risk species in Alberta. Through this program, EQUS works with the ACA to install nesting platforms on poles in strategic locations where there is a reliable food supply (gophers), minimal human disturbance, and no other at-risk bird species nesting nearby.

This year, our EQUS crews in the Medicine Hat area once again worked with our partners at the ACA to install new platforms in the Grassy Lakes area.

The hawks typically return to nest in pairs in March, raising their chicks through July, before they all head south for the winter. Thanks to trail cameras installed on several of these nesting platforms, anyone can check in on these families!

Learn more and view the cameras online here.

Partners In Conservation

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