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The EQUS Community Connection (ECC) is pleased to announced the 2021 Charity of Choice! In keeping with our current three-year theme of supporting safety-related initiatives, we have committed to supporting the Farm Safety Centre’s ‘Safety Smarts’ program in providing power line safety information for students in their K-6 program.

The Raymond & District Futures Society, operating as the Farm Safety Centre is a charitable organization promoting safe agricultural practices through the development and delivery of educational programs and materials to individuals of all ages throughout rural Alberta.  Agriculture is a major industry in our province and farm families are its most important renewable resource. Since 1998 the Farm Safety Centre has been delivering Safety Smarts presentations in rural schools, having presented to nearly 800,000 students in almost 7,000 schools over the years.

The funds provided by the ECC will support the continued delivery of the Safety Smarts program in rural Alberta classrooms, and we will also be supporting them with the development of power line safety activity sheets that can be used as a resource for teachers and the Farm Safety Centre presenters. These activity sheets will also be available to the general public on their website once they are completed.

Following last year’s donation of $10,000 to HALO Air Ambulance’s Operation Refuel, this now completes year two of three in our safety-related initiatives. The ECC team discussed several options and reviewed proposals before determining that the Farm Safety Centre would be our 2021 Charity of Choice. We hope the rest of the EQUS team is as excited as the ECC is about bringing power line safety into rural classrooms through this partnership.

EQUS employees are committed to making a difference in the communities we serve. The EQUS Community Connection (ECC) Committee is an employee-led fundraising initiative dedicated to making a difference year-round throughout our Service Area.

All funds raised by the ECC go towards a charity-of-choice that is carefully selected to ensure the greatest benefit for those Albertans living in rural areas.

2021 Charity of Choice

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