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For rural Albertans, innovation is driven by necessity.

EQUS has been powering that innovation since Alberta farmers planted the first power poles over 70 years ago. Today, we’re powering our members to share their rural innovations across the province, and around the world.

For Ponoka County EQUS members Jim and Jackie Anderson, finding a way to keep their cattle watered year-round was a necessity that drove an innovative solution. Together, they developed Frostfree Nosepumps, to provide a reliable water supply that can endure even the most extreme temperatures of rural Alberta without needing electricity.

Thanks to Jim and Jackie’s innovation, farmers around the world are now using their safe, reliable technology to keep their herds happy and healthy, without adding any stress to electricity grids.

At EQUS, we’re proud to showcase innovations like this, because powering rural innovation includes helping our members reduce their dependence on the electricity grid, and supporting them in building sustainable and resilient rural businesses and communities.

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Member Feature – Frostfree Nosepumps

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