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Constructed in 2020, EQUS’ Corporate Office facility features an innovative Near Net-Zero energy system.

The system is comprised of a 55-kilowatt ground-mounted solar array that takes advantage of over 2,000 hours of annual sunlight, a 15-kilowatt battery to store excess electricity generated during peak times, and a combined heat and power system which generates both power and heat.

EQUS’ 35 kilowatt combined heat and power (CHP) system uses natural gas to power an internal combustion engine which generates electricity. The CHP system captures the excess thermal energy produced in this process and uses it to heat the building and melt the snow off the sidewalks surrounding the building in the winter. This process is highly efficient and significantly lowers utility costs and greenhouse gas emissions.

The facility operates on a smart building management system that integrates the generation, storage, and usage of the electricity and heat being generated to maximize efficiency. The building is designed with motion sensors to adjust heat and light in rooms that are not being used. An intuitive lighting system allows for the harvesting of natural light by adjusting the levels of indoor lighting based on the amount of natural light being detected by sensors in the room.

The innovative system is expected to result in an estimated 95 per cent reduction in grid power used, as well as a 59 per cent cost savings on utilities, and a 31 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Natural Resources Canada and the Town of Innisfail provided financial support to assist in the development and implementation of this innovative system.

This efficient near net-zero energy system positions EQUS as a leader in innovative technology and sustainable and efficient green energy generation.

EQUS Unveils Near Net-Zero Office Powered by Innovative Alternate Energy System

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