Thanks to funding from EQUS members, residents of the Linn Valley area are enjoying their community skating rink with better ice and a longer skating season this year!

The Linn Valley Community Association received Operation Round Up funding in 2022 to purchase a liner for their outdoor community ice rink near Red Deer. The liner allows the ice to go in earlier and stay later, increasing the length of time the rink can be used over the season. The community association also shared that it’s allowed them to have some of the best quality ice they’ve ever had!

The Linn Valley Community Association recently hosted a Family Day skating event that welcomed area residents and shared recognition of EQUS members for their contribution to the rink. Some members of the Linn Valley community shared their thanks as well:

“Our 12 grandkids love the ice rink….over the Christmas holidays we were there every day and sometimes twice! A big thank you to all who make it possible”

“Our family thinks that we are very blessed to have this rink in our backyard! This year my son Tresten has decided he wants to get good at skating and at least three evenings a week will be out on the ice even if it’s all by himself.”

“With the oldest two playing an ice sport, it’s such a blessing to have this rink in our community. We enjoy many hours on the ice and look forward to this time every year! We couldn’t live in a better place!”

Thank you, to the 97 per cent of EQUS members who participate in Operation Round Up by rounding their bills up each month. It may be small change individually, but together it makes a difference, providing funding that supports rural youth and seniors with community-based projects such as this one. 

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EQUS Members Fund Community Ice Rink

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