Appliance Calculator

Appliance Cost Calculator

It's easy to estimate the cost of operating your appliances. The cost depends on the rate at which you use electricity, measured in watts, and the length of time they are used.

For your convenience, we have compiled a list of common appliances and their estimated costs. These figures are estimates only. They have been calculated using average usage times and wattage amounts and an approximate cost of electricity of 7.95 cents/kWh. You can view this list here: Appliance Usage Table.pdf

If you do not see your appliance in the above list, or your usage times and/or wattages are different, you can use the following form to calculate the monthly cost for a single appliance. Press the "calculate" button when you have the fields filled out to calculate your approximate monthly cost. The answer will show up in the alert box. Please note that this is just an estimate and does not include any distribution or transmission costs/fees.

Calculate Your Costs

All fields are required for the calculation to be performed.

**If you only have volts and amps listed on the appliance, simply multiply the two together and you will get watts. Enter that number into the field.

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